Brother Ali

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Brother Ali


Wed · December 12, 2018

8:00 pm

$20.00 - $75.00

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Brother Ali
Brother Ali
Over the past 17 years, Brother Ali has earned wide critical acclaim for his deeply personal, socially conscious, and inspiring brand of hip-hop. Under Rhymesayers Entertainment, he’s unleashed a series of lauded projects, establishing himself as one of the most respected independent voices in music. The latest chapter in that celebrated journey is All the Beauty in
This Whole Life, a 15-track collection produced entirely by Atmosphere’s Anthony “Ant” Davis. “This entire album is based on the reality that beauty is the splendor of
truth” says the Minneapolis MC. “Beauty in all of its forms is the outward manifestation of love and virtue. It soothes the soul and pulls it gently
toward the truth it communicates. Every word and note of this album is
intended to either reflect beauty, or expose the ugliness that blocks us
from living lives of meaning.”
All the Beauty in This Whole Life is Ali’s first official release in five years
and represents the newest and most refined chapter of his life’s journey.
“Each of my albums are the result of the pain, growth and eventual healing
that I experience. Articulating the pain and navigating the healing allows
the people who really feel my music to travel with me. It’s not only that we
hurt together, we heal together as well.”
This year, Brother Ali’s debut album on Rhymesayers Entertainment,
Shadows on the Sun, celebrates its 15th anniversary. To commemorate
this occasion, Brother Ali will embark on a special 13-date headlining tour
where he will perform the full album in its entirety each night. The Shadows
on the Sun 15-Year Anniversary Tour kicks off November 1st in
Washington D.C., with stops in New York, Minneapolis, Austin,
In rap music, there are few names attached to a career of envelope pushing more so than BUSDRIVER. And rather than making safer art late in his career, Driver has veered further to the left for his latest offering, ‘Electricity is on our Side’. The bulky, cumbersome album finds Driver in peak form; sardonic, self-effacing, casually apocalyptic and inspired. From the first and title track of the record, its clear that this is one of the most musically adventurous releases from the independent rap phenom. The entire affair plays out like an ode to bedroom underground rap, various 'beat musics’ and an off-kilter take of LOS ANGELES jazz, tempered by a revery of The Goodlife Cafe and a commitment to the ancestor’s walking orders via the cryptic mantra, ‘ELECTRICITY IS ON OUR SIDE’.

With added production from the legendary Freestyle Fellowship band, The Underground Railroad; electronic music trailblazer, Daedelus; instrumental hiphop wiz, Swarvy, longtime collaborator Kenny Segal and more, the record corrals a host of powerful ideas under a general theme of inner peace and a healthy amount of nostalgia. Within the ethic of ‘Electricity is on our Side’ we are regarding the body as a conduit more so than an individual body. The fluid interplay between nature and oneself is fostered by an inner alignment with this fundamental force, electricity. So the records overall theme reaches for a reaffirmation of one’s connection to all life around him/her. This ethic is poured into the folk hip-hop production methodology used to produce most of the record’s sound, giving the overall affair a rough edge and perhaps a truer urgency. So electricity is on our side simply means “the body works, utilise it!”.
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Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St
Seattle, WA, 98122